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A full-service moving company in Adelaide will pack up, load and transport your items for you – they may even offer unpacking as part of their package! Most will charge either a flat rate for their services or hourly fees per mover.

Some movers Adelaide specialize in specific services, like packing or storage. Other movers provide multiple services; often these specialized movers will cost more.

If you’re moving to a new city, hiring local movers with experience is crucial for an easy move. Adelaide movers know the streets well enough and how best to deal with crowds; an outsider would likely struggle to navigate around as effectively.

Before hiring movers, it is essential to review their credentials and insurance coverage. Verify they possess a valid license and liability coverage as well as inquire about their training process – this ensures your belongings will not be damaged during transport and can navigate heavy pieces down flights of stairs or through narrow doorways safely, which holds especially true for piano removalists Adelaide.

Be sure to tip your movers if they do an outstanding job, it is customary to give a tip between 10%-20% of the total cost of moving. This helps offset expenses like gasoline, tolls and lodging during long distance moves as well as show appreciation for all their hard work while earning them positive references for future jobs.

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