The Surprising Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Adults

best weighted blanket for adults

Weighted blankets offer perks, some of which you may never even realise.

Are you among the many people who experience a difficult time getting restful sleep? Or perhaps you know someone struggling to get a healthy night’s sleep regularly. The search for quality and restful sleep can be challenging, but it is not impossible! 

Weighted blankets have been used by adults to achieve more calming and comfortable sleep patterns—giving them the rest they need each night to function their best during the day. 

Best weighted blanket for adults are designed to provide a therapeutic effect that can greatly improve sleep quality. These special blankets feature an even, deep pressure applied over the body. This type of pressure is often referred to as “deep touch pressure” or DTP, effectively calming the nervous system and providing a feeling of security and comfort. It has also been suggested that weighted blankets may help lower cortisol levels, one of the hormones associated with stress.

The idea behind using weighted blankets for better sleep is that they provide gentle bodily restraint, similar to a hug or swaddle. This works by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and releasing serotonin and dopamine, hormones that promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. A weighted blanket can help regulate sleeping patterns by decreasing awakenings during the night while promoting improved overall sleep quality. 

Weighted blankets have also been recommended for insomnia or other sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome (RLS). They can provide extra comfort to individuals unable to relax due to physical pain or discomfort during rest periods. Additionally, there are certain populations, such as children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), who have found success in using weighted blankets for improved sleep quality due to their sensory needs being met via DTP therapy.

The calming effects of the best weighted blanket for adults are due to their ability to stimulate the production of serotonin and melatonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate moods and feelings of well-being, while melatonin is a hormone that helps induce sleepiness at night time and wakefulness during the day. Additionally, weighted blankets can help with muscle relaxation by increasing the body’s oxytocin levels, improving overall well-being and happiness. 

Weighted blankets can be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety levels. The pressure of the weighted blanket applied to your body is believed to help you relax and provide a calming effect. The extra weight on the body is thought to mimic the feeling of being hugged or swaddled, which releases serotonin and dopamine in the brain. This release of hormones helps create comfort, relaxation, and happiness.

Weighted blankets are used as a form of deep pressure therapy, which has been studied as a viable treatment method for those with autism, ADHD, or anxiety. Studies have shown that weighted blankets can lower heart rate and cortisol (stress hormone) levels while increasing oxytocin (a feel-good hormone). It suggests that using a weighted blanket can create feelings of safety and security in people struggling with these conditions.